Title: Understanding the Xing’e Shuo (Human Nature is Evil) Theory for Kids


Hey everyone! Today, we’re going to learn about the concept of “Xing’e Shuo,” which means “human nature is evil” in Chinese. It might sound a bit complicated, but it’s an important idea that we should understand together.


What does Xing’e Shuo mean?

Xing’e Shuo is the belief that humans are born with an inherently evil nature. In other words, it suggests that people are naturally selfish and have a tendency to do bad things from the beginning.

But doesn’t that make you feel a bit sad? Are all humans really bad?

What did ancient philosophers say?

In ancient China, there was a wise teacher named Xunzi. Master Xunzi believed that human hearts have a natural inclination to do evil things from the start.

For example, he thought that when people lie or deceive others, it’s because their hearts are evil.

The opposite of Xing’e Shuo: Xingshan Shuo

The opposite of Xing’e Shuo is Xingshan Shuo, which believes that human nature is inherently good. It suggests that people are born with kind hearts and a desire to do good things.

A famous teacher who believed in Xingshan Shuo was Mencius. It seems that Master Mencius and Master Xunzi didn’t quite see eye to eye on this matter.

But is Xing’e Shuo really important?

Xing’e Shuo might sound negative because it focuses on the bad aspects of human nature. However, it actually has a very important meaning.

  • It teaches us the importance of creating rules
  • It gives us the courage to fight against our own evil thoughts
  • It provides hints on how to create a society where everyone helps each other

By acknowledging the evil side of human nature, Xing’e Shuo encourages us to think about how we can make society better.

Xing’e Shuo in today’s world

Even in today’s world, Xing’e Shuo is considered important. This is because to prevent bad things from happening, we need to be well aware of the flaws in human nature.

However, it’s not good to believe too much in Xing’e Shuo alone. We shouldn’t forget about people’s kindness and good intentions, too.

Let’s think about it together

We’ve learned about Xing’e Shuo, but did you understand it? Xing’e Shuo is a way of thinking that focuses on the evil side of human nature, but by understanding it, we can find hints on how to create a better society.

I hope you’ll all learn about both the good and bad sides of people and help create a wonderful world.

Xing’e Shuo was a bit difficult, but now you’ve got it! Let’s keep learning many interesting things together!