The Meaning and Usage of “Orikomizumi” in Japanese: A Comprehensive Guide


Have you ever come across the Japanese term “orikomizumi” and wondered about its meaning and usage? This word is often used in business settings, but surprisingly, few people can provide a clear explanation of its definition and origin. In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning, usage, origins, and synonyms of “orikomizumi” to help you better understand and utilize this term in your conversations.


The Meaning of “Orikomizumi”

“Orikomizumi” is a Japanese word that indicates something has already been taken into account or included in a calculation. In other words, when you say something is “orikomizumi,” it means that it has been anticipated or factored into a plan or prediction.

For example, consider the sentence: “The sales forecast for this quarter includes the expected sales of our new product line, which is already orikomizumi.” In this case, the sales figures for the new product line have already been incorporated into the overall sales forecast.

The Origin of “Orikomizumi”

The term “orikomizumi” is believed to have originated from the process of weaving fabric. When creating a woven pattern, various colored threads are interlaced or “woven in” to create a beautiful design. The phrase “orikomu,” meaning “to weave in,” eventually evolved to refer to the act of incorporating or including something in a plan or calculation.

Synonyms for “Orikomizumi”

Some common synonyms for “orikomizumi” include “mikomizumi” (anticipated), “sannyūzumi” (included in the calculation), and “kōryozumi” (taken into consideration). These words all convey the idea that something has already been accounted for or factored into a given scenario.

The Difference Between “Orikomizumi” and “Orikondeiru”

It’s important to note that while “orikomizumi” and “orikondeiru” may sound similar, they have different meanings. “Orikondeiru” is the present progressive form, indicating that the process of incorporating something is ongoing. On the other hand, “orikomizumi” is the past participle form, signifying that the process of incorporation has already been completed.


In this article, we’ve covered the meaning, usage, origin, and synonyms of the Japanese term “orikomizumi.” By understanding this word and its proper usage, you can enhance your communication skills, particularly in business settings. Incorporate “orikomizumi” into your vocabulary and use it with confidence in your next conversation!