Discovering Nyumen: Japan’s Comforting Winter Noodle Dish


As the cold season approaches, there’s nothing quite like a warm, comforting meal to soothe the soul. Enter “nyumen,” a simple yet satisfying Japanese noodle dish that’s perfect for chilly days. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of nyumen, its differences from somen, and how to enjoy this traditional winter delicacy.


What is Nyumen?

Nyumen is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of somen noodles served in a hot broth. In Japanese, it is written as “煮麺,” which literally means “boiled noodles.” As the name suggests, nyumen allows you to enjoy somen noodles in a warm, comforting soup. While cold somen is a summer staple, nyumen is a beloved dish during the colder months.

How is Nyumen Different from Somen?

The most significant difference between nyumen and somen lies in the serving temperature. Somen is typically served cold and is a popular choice for a refreshing meal during the hot summer months, often enjoyed alongside chilled dishes like hiyashi chuka. In contrast, nyumen is served in a warm broth, making it an ideal meal to warm up your body during the colder seasons.

Another difference is that nyumen allows for more versatility in terms of adding ingredients. You can easily enhance the dish by incorporating vegetables, mushrooms, chicken, or any other ingredients you prefer or have on hand. This makes nyumen a more adaptable and satisfying meal compared to traditional somen.

Enjoying Nyumen

The beauty of nyumen lies in its simplicity, but there are various ways to enjoy this dish. One way is to focus on the broth. The soup plays a crucial role in determining the overall flavor of nyumen, so using a carefully prepared homemade dashi stock made from ingredients like kombu, bonito flakes, or shiitake mushrooms can elevate the dish to new heights. Additionally, you can enjoy nyumen throughout the seasons by incorporating seasonal vegetables and ingredients.


Nyumen, which literally means “boiled noodles,” is a noodle dish enjoyed in a warm broth. Unlike cold somen, nyumen is served hot and offers a wider range of ingredient combinations, making it a perfect meal to warm your body and soul during the winter months. Easy to prepare and endlessly satisfying, nyumen is a dish that everyone should try this season.