The Nutritional Lowdown on Tantanmen: Calories, Sesame Benefits, and Healthy Eating Tips



Tantanmen, a spicy and aromatic noodle dish originating from China’s Sichuan Province, has gained immense popularity in Japan. While its deliciousness is undeniable, questions and opinions about its healthiness often arise, such as “Is tantanmen high in calories?” or “Since it contains sesame, is it packed with nutrients?” In this article, we will delve into the calorie count and nutritional value of tantanmen and introduce tips for enjoying it in a healthy way.

Calories in Tantanmen

The calorie content of tantanmen can vary greatly depending on the ingredients and seasonings used. A typical serving ranges from approximately 500 to 800 kilocalories, which is relatively high. Factors such as the amount of ground pork, sesame paste, and lard used can impact the calorie count. Those concerned about calories should pay attention to the choice and quantity of ingredients.

Nutritional Value of Sesame

Sesame, an essential ingredient in tantanmen, is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains an abundance of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin E: Maintains healthy skin and hair
  • Calcium, iron, and magnesium: Support bone health and nerve function
  • Sesamin: Contributes to overall health with its antioxidant properties

While sesame in tantanmen is high in calories, it also provides these excellent nutritional benefits.

Healthy Ways to Enjoy Tantanmen

To enjoy tantanmen in a healthy manner, consider the following points:

  • Consume it as part of a well-balanced meal
  • Add plenty of vegetables as toppings to increase fiber intake
  • Adjust the spice level to suit your preference
  • Don’t waste nutritious ingredients like sesame

Rather than avoiding nutritious ingredients like sesame due to calorie concerns, it’s important to incorporate them wisely.


While tantanmen is relatively high in calories, it also contains nutritious ingredients like sesame. By enjoying it as part of a balanced meal, incorporating plenty of vegetables, and being mindful of portion sizes, tantanmen can be a part of a healthy diet. Instead of solely focusing on its deliciousness, pay attention to the nutritional aspects of tantanmen and develop a healthy relationship with this beloved dish.